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Temperatures in the Grand Rapids area have been known to rise as high as 108 degrees, and while that's unusual, they go well over 80 during a normal summer. Local home and business owners respond by investing in air conditioning systems to cool their buildings during the hottest months.

Kentwood, MI 's Certified Air Conditioning Companies - boiler-and-furnace-reapiurGrand Rapids Heating & Cooling offers the air conditioning installation and repair services you need to make the most of this critical cooling technology.

Finding the Right Air Conditioning Technician

When looking for someone to perform air conditioning repair, installation, or replacement services, never cut corners on quality. The better a job they do, the more energy and money you'll save down the road, and the more effective the AC unit will be. For this reason, you should look for an AC replacement, repair, and installation technician with:

  • Comprehensive Qualifications- By getting a license, your technician not only proves that they understand everything there is to know about AC installation and maintenance, but also that they are committed to making their qualifications clear and transparent. Considering that AC installation often involves making changes to your plumbing system, you should also make sure that the technician is a licensed plumber.
  • Full Insurance & Bonding- Even the most qualified AC technicians make mistakes, which can have a catastrophic effect on your building and your energy bills. For this reason, a good air conditioning company will also have insurance and bonds, which covers the cost of repairs from any damage they do on the job.
  • Glowing References- When figuring out whether an AC company will do a good job, your best clue is how well they have done in the past. If the company refuses to give you a list or the customers on that list weren't happy with their service, you know to steer clear.
  • Service Transparency- Opt for a company that gives clear, straightforward information on price, completion times, and other details. If the information they give you is vague, that's a sign that they are dishonest or unreliable.
  • Broad Experience- Look for an AC contractor who has not only been in the business for a long time, but who has worked with a wide range of AC brands, including but not limited to the one you use.

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