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No one knows the difference a good water heater can make better than Michiganders. Our state is famous for temperatures that stay well below freezing throughout the winter. During this time, a good water heater is essential if you want to take a shower, make hot foods and drinks, or even wash your hands without screaming in agony from the cold. Grand Rapids Heating & Cooling makes sure that all local homes and businesses in have quality water heaters for the winter.

Signs That You Need Water Heater Service

If you're having water heater problems, time is of the essence. The sooner you receive water heater repair services, the less expensive they'll be and the lower the odds are that you'll have to deal with severe damage. You can only get these services in-time if you know how to identify the early signs of water heater damage, which include:

  • Leaks & Pressure Issues- Like any part of your plumbing system, your water heater can leak. Not only does this make it less effective at heating your water, but it raises your water bill and leads to water damage and mold growth. This makes it's important to check your heater regularly for signs of leaks. You should also pay attention to any changes in water pressure; if the pressure drops but none of your pipes are leaking, the heater may be the culprit.
  • Poor or Inconsistent Results- If you notice your energy bills increasing but can't identify the reason, it may be that the water heater is broken and needs more energy to heat the same amount of water. You may also have a serious heater leak, making it important to hire a professional who can diagnose both issues.
  • Age- A typical water heater doesn't last more than 12 years. So even if you haven't noticed a specific issue, you should get your heater checked if you've had it for longer than that.

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From the moment you report these issues, Grand Rapids Heating & Cooling will do everything in our power to restore your water heater to full working order. As evidenced by our licensing, insurance, and NATE certification - you can count on us to complete your project correctly the first time. To learn more about these and other services for your home or business, visit our website today.
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