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Geothermal System Installation

Geothermal System Installation | Grand Rapids Heating & Cooling  - geothermal-energyIf your geothermal system is 15 years or older, it’s time to have an expert inspection.

While the underground pipe loop is good for up to 50 years, the actual unit has a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years. Some indications your system may need to be replaced include an increased number of breakdowns or repairs (more than one time per year) and/or a loss of efficiency.

If temperature changes require more time, it may be a sign your system is getting worn out. Call Grand Rapids Heating and Cooling today at (616) 818-8850 to schedule a Geothermal System Inspection.

Grand Rapids Heating and Cooling Offers Open and Closed-Loop Geothermal Systems

Open geothermal installation utilizes groundwater to either heat or cool the refrigerant/heating fluid in the geothermal furnace. This is a low-cost geothermal installation.

We also offer, and highly recommend, considering a closed-loop geothermal system with buried pipe. The advantage of the closed-loop system is that there is not a constant introduction of fresh minerals to the geothermal furnace/ac, thus increasing its useful life exponentially.

There is an obvious cost difference in installation, however in the long run, closed loops are the best choice if looking for equipment that lasts a long time. Call us today at (616) 818-8850 to help determine which system is right for you.

What is the Advantage of a Geothermal System?

The earth, 6ft down, is a constant 50-55 degrees. We can harness this energy year-round by extracting heat from the ground and returning it to the home in the form of 95-105 degree air from the registers. In the summer, the same equipment will pull the heat out of the home and dump it into the ground. This process is extremely efficient.

Although the initial investment for a geothermal system is higher than a conventional HVAC system, the payback is a soon as 5-10 years. After that, the cost of operation puts you ahead! For more information about geothermal systems, visit

We are proud to offer TETCO geothermal systems to provide climate solutions to our geothermal heating and cooling clients.

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